We are pleased to represent the interests of our home buying clientele.  To that end, we provide all the necessary resources to make the home buying process as smooth as possible.  We welcome you to review this information that includes a Home Affordability Calculator, a review of our Buyer Services, and an
explanation of what Buyer Agency Representation means to you and how it is to your benefit.

The Larson Team's real estate business has thrived over the last two decades due to the high-quality, personalized service we provide. Every client receives a level of personal attention, matched with unsurpassed professionalism, that promotes and maintains a pleasurable experience.

Clients receive personalized service that includes:
Personal Interview - assesses your goals & buying needs.  
Area Tour - acquaints you with the Triangle and surrounding
areas to determine locations & neighborhoods that match
your unique personal preferences.
Property Evaluation Search - identify properties that meet
your specific housing requirements, specialized amenities, and
determine essential criteria in your property search.
Home Tours - tour homes for sale from arranged showings and appointments that are based solely on the criteria you provide us.  This approach ensures your valuable time is not wasted viewing property that is of no interest to you.
Property Previews - emails and online searches that matches property to your general criteria.
Contractual Work - we explain and assist in preparation of all the forms and paperwork necessary to complete the sale transaction.
Pre-qualification & Financing - we will assist in all matters related to qualifying for a home loan.
Offer Negotiation - our experience and knowledge of the market, the players, and intangibles allows us to competently write and negotiate offers. 
Inspections, Repairs, & Appraisals - we assist in coordination and monitoring of all facets.
Home Purchase Transition - we will assist you in any way to ensure the transition into your new home and community goes as smoothly as possible.

To utilize the calculator below enter the mortgage amount, down payment amount, interest rate, and loan term and click the "Calculate" button.  The data must be entered without dollar signs or commas.


Understand Buyer's Agency
Agency relationships are based on one person, the agent, representing the best interests of another, the client. A fiduciary relationship is formed by the agency.

As Accredited Buyer Representatives (ABR), Mary Ann and Keith qualify to represent the buyer in a real estate transaction. Working asa an advocate for their clients, they provide loyalty, diligence, disclosure, confidentiality, accountability, and reasonable care.

Many buyers recognize the benefit of having their real estate agent represent them as a client in the transaction. This relationship allows clients to the freedom to discuss property value, utilize negotiating strategies, and discuss personal finances with their agent. The buyer can obtain the agent's opinion and advice concerning the condition of the property, the structure of the offer, and the seller's motivation for selling.  A buyer's agent can also compare prices in the neighborhood.

The bottom line, as Accredited Buyer Representatives, Mary Ann & Keith protect their client's best interests.

Understanding the Agency
In the past, all real estate agents represented the seller as subagents to the listing firm in our area.  Historically, the seller was the client and the buyer was the customer. The seller paid the real estate fee for all agents in the transaction. The source of the compensation does not, in and of itself, determine agency.

Yet, there must be disclosure of the source. Agency relationships need to be written and disclosed. Under sub agency, agents have a legal responsibility to be "fair and honest and disclose all 'material'" to buyers.

Since July 1993, the National Association of Realtors has changed its regulations and made sub agency and option. Buyer agency is an alternative.

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