As markets trends come and go, one thing remains constant for the home seller, a desire to receive the highest value possible for their property. We recognize the importance this singular factor has on the seller, and understand how it influences our customers approach, efforts, and psyche.  This appreciation for the seller is an important variable in why we have been so successful in marketing homes in the Triangle.

  Armed with this awareness of the magnitude and importance the sale of a home is to the seller, and blessed with the knowledge of our 20 plus years of success selling properties in the Triangle, we are ideally positioned to sell your home.  Our comprehensive sales solutions allow us to complete the home sale in a timely manner, at or above its market value, while providing an honest and accurate assessment of its current market value and probability for sale. The result: a properly positioned home, with a seller that is fully aware of the current market conditions & variables.    
  The Larson Team's real estate business has thrived over the last two decades due to the high-quality, personalized service we provide. Please review the seller information provided below in the Seller Services, explore our Tips to Sell Your Home, contact us us by telephone at (919) 518-8150, or simply send us an email at We are always eager to hear from you and look forward to the opportunity to provide our real estate expertise to service your needs.  

From competitive pricing to closing the deal, the Larson Team provides several services to increase the marketability of your home and ensure a faster sale. Our services include:

· Personal Interview - assesses your goals & buying needs.
· Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) - a thorough market analysis is prepared to determine the appropriate market price for your home.  The analysis takes into account current market conditions, as well as historical trends to ensure your home is sold in a timely manner.
· Home Improvement Steps - implement practical improvements to your home to enhance the condition of your property. Even the smallest improvements can differentiate your property from the competition, increase its market value, and result in your home selling faster.
· Marketing Action Plan - we develop a comprehensive plan that is specific to your property that includes the establishment of benchmarks and monitoring to ensure proper management of the sale.
· Property Showings - we oversee the showing of your property while ensuring all walk-throughs are done at times convenient for you and noting any special conditions (i.e. pets, etc.).
· Obtain Feedback - discuss your property listing with other area agents that show your home to obtain information about buyers' reaction to presentation and pricing.  All information obtained from these interactions is presented to you daily, or at the specific interval of your request.
· Communicate - provide regular communications to you indicating status within the time frames you wish.
Property Maintanence - coordinate and monitor necessary property inspections, repairs, & appraisals. In the acase of vacant properties we handle care-take per your request.
· Contractual Forms - all contractual forms and paperwork that occur in the transaction are explained in detail to provide a level of comfort with everything you sign.
· Coordination and Closing - we handle all coordination of the transaction from start to closing.
· General Assistance - we will assist you in any manner to make the sale of your home a smooth process.
Preparing Your Home
First impressions are lasting.  The first impression, or curb appeal, is vital to the sale of your home.  Be sure that your yard is clean, the lawn trimmed, walkways swept, the front door is tidy, and the doorbell works.
  Decorating for a Quicker Sale
A minor investment in paint and wallpaper will pay you dividends in the long-run.  Simple decorating improvements will add value and provide the opportunity for a better price and quicker sale.
  Let the Sun Shine In
Open the drapes and curtains, clean the windows and doors, and prospective buyers can see how bright and cheerful your home is.  Dark and dreary rooms do not appeal to the general home buying public.
  Don't Be a Drip
Fix leaky faucets. Dripping water suggests faulty and worn-out plumbing and the inherent major repair bills that come with such a problem. Discolored or rust-stained sinks are also red flags to potential buyers. Be sure all water faucets and sinks are properly cleaned and sparkling.
  Little Things Mean a Lot
Loose doorknobs or cabinet pulls, sticking doors and drawers, wobbly hinges, and stuck windows are all negative factors to buyers.  They imply a house that is worn down or on its way to needing significant repairs, so take the time to check and repair such seeming less minor flaws.
  Safety First
Always make sure to keep stairways and corridors clear. Clutter is unattractive and causes accidents. Top to bottom, let prospects see the full value of your basement, attic, garage, and closets by removing unnecessary items and clutter. If necessary, rent a short-term storage space to increase the space.
  Bathrooms Sell Homes
Make sure your bathrooms sparkle. Clean stained sinks and bowls, repair any damaged or discolored caulking around bathtubs and showers, and show-off your bathroom.
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